Angoor kishmisch

Raisins are small fruits which are adored for their bittersweet taste and are probably one of the most popular Dry fruits in the world. Also known as ‘kishmish’ in India, raisins are a part of many snacks, baked dishes and desserts. Raisins are made by allowing grapes to Dry out naturally or with the help of driers.

Raisins (French term) are a rich source of energy and other essential nutrients required by our body to function flawlessly. They are also referred to as ‘nature’s candy’, and rightly so, for the tangy flavor that they provide. There are different varieties of raisins available in the market.

  • Relief from constipation problems
  • Weight Gain
  • Fights Acidity
  • Raisins help in curing anemia
  • Promotes formation of bones and absorption of calcium in the body