Cardamom herb or cumin cardamom is referred to as the Queen of spices and is popularly referred to as cardamom / elaichi in India and the Indian subcontinent. Apart from its aromatic fragrance used for flavoring foods, cardamom uses range from it being a digestive system tonic to an essential oil in aroma therapy. Here are some Cardamom has a strong, unique taste, with an intensely aromatic, resinous fragrance. Black cardamom has a distinctly more smoky, though not bitter, aroma with a coolness some consider similar to mint.

  • Cardamom fights against gas. It helps to relieve gas and heart burn.
  • Cardamom gives instant relief from the headache. (Applying the paste over forehead gives the relief.)
  • Cardamom is useful for the protection against heat stroke. One should chew a cardamom while going outside home in sun.
  • Aromatic cardamom acts as breath freshener because of its fragrance.
  • Cardamom is very good refinement spice against caffeine. (Detoxifies caffeine)
  • Cardamom helps greatly to cure teeth gum and tooth infections.